A film by Mano Khalil. In Kurdish, Hebrew and Arabic with German subtitles 

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A small vil­la­ge on the Syrian-Turkish bor­der in the ear­ly 1980s: The six-year-old Kurdish boy Sero expe­ri­en­ces his first school year in an Arab school and has to watch his small world being radi­cal­ly chan­ged in the cour­se of an absurd natio­na­lism. Humorous yet serious, the film tells of a child­hood that also finds its light moments bet­ween dic­ta­tor­ship and dark drama.


CH/FR 2021, 124 Min., kur­disch, hebrä­isch, ara­bische OmU
Regie & Buch: Mano Khalil
Kamera: Stéphane Kuthy
Schnitt: Thomas Bachmann
mit: Serhed Khalil, Jalal Altawil, Jay Abdo, Zîrek, Heval Naif, Tuna Dwek, Mazen Al Natour

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