Goodbye Julia

Goodbye Julia

A film by Mohamed Kordofani . Starts hop­eful­ly soon at the fsk.
In Arabic with German subtitles.

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Wracked by guilt after cove­ring up a mur­der, Mona a nor­t­hern Sudanese reti­red sin­ger in a ten­se mar­ria­ge tri­es to make amends by taking in the deceased’s sou­thern Sudanese widow, Julia, and her son, Daniel, into her home. Unable to con­fess her trans­gres­si­ons to Julia, Mona deci­des to lea­ve the past behind and adjust to a new sta­tus quo, una­wa­re that the country’s turm­oil may find its way into her home and put her face to face with her sins.


SD/SE/DE/SA/FR/EG 2023, 120 Min., arab. OmU,
Regie: Mohamed Kordofani
Kamera: Pierre de Villiers
mit: Eiman Yousif, Siran Riak, Nazar Gomaa, Ger Duany 

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