Booklet + Newsletter

You can take a look at our book­let (well, it’s ent­i­re­ly in ger­man): pdf file

fsk Programmheftchen


We send you an email, if the­re is a film in the selec­ted lan­guage in our programm:
You can sub­scri­be here  (forms are in german)

News­let­ter for films in the fol­lowing languages:

  • spa­nish
  • eng­lish
  • french
  • tur­kish
  • japa­ne­se
  • chi­ne­se

or from one of the fol­lowing regions:

  • Scan­di­na­via
  • Afri­ca
  • Latin Ame­ri­ka
  • Midd­le East (incl. Iran…)
  • Eas­ter Europe
  • Asia