Besondere Termine

Ivo Ivo – mit Gast
A film by Eva Trobisch. In German with English sub­tit­les. [Credits] [Tickets & Termine] [Trailer] Ivo works as a pal­lia­ti­ve home-care nur­se. Every day, she visits fami­lies, cou­ples and sin­gle peo­p­le. They live in small flats and lar­ge hou­ses. They all have dif­fe­rent lives and deaths. They all have different…

Exile never ends – mit Gast
A film by Bahar Bektaş. In German and Turkish with German sub­tit­les. [Credits] [Tickets & Termine] [Trailer] “The lon­ging for your home­land never goes away,” says the film­ma­ker Bahar Bektaş. Her brot­her is in pri­son in Germany. He is sup­po­sed to be depor­ted and is wai­ting for the ear­ly transfer…

Woman On The Roof filmPOLSKA rel­oa­ded – Woman On The Roof
Sorry, this ent­ry is only available in Deutsch. Kobieta na dachu / Woman On The Roof [Tickets] PL/FRA/CH 2022R/B: Anna Jadowska97 min, OmeUK: Ita Zbroniec-ZajtS: Piotr Kmiecik & Julia GregoryM: Katharina NuttallD: Dorota Pomykała, Bogdan Koca, Adam Bobik u. a. Zwei Jahre Arbeit in der Geburtsstation hat die Ärztin Mira noch…