fsk KinoThe fsk cine­ma is an inde­pen­dent Art­house-Film-Thea­t­re in Ber­lin Kreuz­berg …




→ this weeks* new ent­ries:

First Refor­med by Paul Schra­der

  • An essay by Andre­as Gold­stein about the times when his father, Klaus Gysi, was minis­ter in the GDR: Der Funk­tio­när (am So. 16:00 mit anschlie­ßen­dem Film­ge­spräch)
  • Ach­tung Ber­lin The fes­ti­val of new Ger­man Films com­ing from Ber­lin and Bran­den­burg is for the first time at the fsk: April 14th – 17th

→ still in the pro­gramm:


  • Vaku­um „A film with Bar­ba­ra Auer is always worth watching” Kat­ja Nicode­mus | Die Zeit

  • Sounds a bit boring, to call the films of Jia Zhang-Ke a mas­ter­pie­ce, but what can you do?” (Micha­el Meyns | Asche ist rei­nes Weiß

The win­ner of the gol­den Lion: Roma in 4K Pro­jek­ti­on.

* week means Thurs­day to wed­nes­day.

Neu­es­ter Film­bei­trag:

A film by Hen­ri­ka Kull. Starts May 9th at the fsk. In Ger­man. [Credits] [Ter­mi­ne] [Trai­ler] At a par­ty, Maryam and Jibril exchan­ge glan­ces. Years later, Maryam hap­pens to meet the…