fsk KinoThe fsk cine­ma is an inde­pen­dent Art­house-Film-Theat­re in Ber­lin Kreuz­berg … more




This weeks new ent­ries*:

A young widow vio­lent­ly turns the tables on her would-be atta­ckers:

Mar­li­na – Die Mör­de­rin in vier Akten

still in the pro­gram:

*= „week” is meant as the „cine­ma-week”: Star­ting Thurs­day (like the new films)

New film ent­ry:

A film by Thors­ten Trim­pop. Starts 8.3. at the fsk. FURUSATO 古里 reveals the unusu­al rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween a land­s­cape and its inh­a­bi­tants. Over the cour­se of a thousand years, the exu­berant…