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This weeks new ent­ries*:

  • The anti-psych­ia­tric Socia­list Pati­ents‘ Collec­tive (SPK)  in SPK Kom­plex
  • There­lo­ca­ti­on of a swim­ming vil­la­ge in Ha Long Bay in Nort­hern Viet­nam: Fare­well Halong

still in the pro­gram:

  • The new film by Chris­ti­an Pet­zold: Tran­sit
  • Pio by Jonas Car­pi­gna­nos, the direc­tor of  „Medi­ter­ra­nea“


  • Lov­eless  During his par­ents divorce, the twel­ve year old boy Alyo­sha deci­des to run away. Lea­ving his par­ents with no opti­on but to deal with each other again.
  • On the bor­der of Dis­ney­land: The Flo­ri­da Pro­ject

*= „week” is meant as the „cine­ma-week”: Star­ting Thurs­day (like the new films)

New film ent­ry:

The Poe­tess
A film by Andre­as Wolff. Q&A with direc­tor Andre­as Wolff and His­sa Hil­al on Sat., May 26th. In ara­bic with ger­man sub­tit­les. His­sa Hil­al, a 43-year-old poe­tess and activist from Sau­di…