A film by Mari­on Hän­sel.  In french with ger­man subtitles.


Homer and Joé, two taci­turn men aged around fif­ty, sail a small boat up a river in Croa­tia. Until recent­ly, neit­her knew of the other’s exis­tence, but now their father has died it turns out they are half-bro­thers. Loo­king for traces of the man of who shaped their lives so dif­fer­ent­ly, they encoun­ter a third tra­vel­ler, the mys­te­rious Irish­man Sean, and their tour through the wild land­s­cape of Croa­tia beco­mes a real psy­cho­lo­gi­cal challenge.

»Cer­tain peop­le find it diff­cult to talk about them­sel­ves for many dif­fe­rent rea­sons. My cha­rac­ters, Homer and Joé, half­bro­thers, are such peop­le. Homer, trau­ma­tised by an absent father who igno­red his exis­tence, Joé by the vio­lence of this same father. e lack of words, of ver­bal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on inte­rests me and can be found in a num­ber of my lms. e silen­ces, what is left unsaid, lea­ves room for the spectator’s inter­pre­ta­ti­on, their per­so­nal ima­gi­na­ti­on. I like that. As to the nar­ra­ti­on, I have the impres­si­on that I am dig­ging into earth that I alrea­dy know but that I want to go deeper. If Joé and Homer are half-bro­thers, it is not by chan­ce. In some of my pre­vious Films, blood-ties, filia­ti­on, the image of the father or his absence are stron­gly pre­sent. Upstream is part of this same lineage.« Mari­on Hänsel


(En amont du fleuve)
Belgien/Niederlande/Kroatien 2016, 90 Min.
Regie: Mari­on Hänsel
Buch: Mari­on Hän­sel, Hubert Mingarelli
Mit: Oli­vi­er Gour­met, Ser­gi López, John Lynch
Kame­ra: Didier Frateur
Schnitt: Michè­le Hubinon
Pro­duk­ti­on: Mari­on Hän­sel, Digna Sinke

Trai­ler Strom­auf­wärts from Peri­pher Film­ver­leih on Vimeo.