A film by Aysun Badem­soy. In Ger­man and tur­kish with Ger­man subtitles.

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Bet­ween Sep­tem­ber 2000 and April 2007, nine immi­grant busi­ness­men and a Ger­man poli­ce­wo­man were mur­de­red. (…) I read the news about the mur­ders and thought: That could have been my father or my bro­ther.” We’re tal­king about the mur­ders of the self-pro­c­lai­med Natio­nal Socia­list Under­ground (NSU) which came to light through the main per­pe­tra­tors’ sui­ci­de. After the end of the five-year NSU tri­al against their co-per­pe­tra­tors and sup­por­ters, filmma­ker Aysun Badem­soy goes in search of the traces left by this crime seri­es: in the vic­tims’ fami­lies and migrant com­mu­nities, whe­re the inves­ti­ga­tors had first inves­ti­ga­ted exclu­si­ve­ly and sowed deep mistrust with spe­cu­la­ti­ons of drug traf­fi­cking and the Mafia, not least with assi­gna­ti­ons like “Kebap Mur­ders”. “The NSU mur­de­red my father. The inves­ti­ga­tors stai­ned his honour. In doing so, they kil­led him a second time,” a sur­vi­ving daugh­ter says after the – to her disap­poin­ting – jud­ge­ment was pro­noun­ced. Con­fi­dence in the Ger­man sta­te was deeply shaken and the tri­al, a sobe­r­ing expe­ri­ence for all fami­lies which left many things in the dark, des­troy­ed rather than res­to­red it. A film about sur­vi­ving – des­pi­te everything.

Fre­de­rik Lang



DE 2019, 81 Min., in deutsch und tür­kisch mit deut­schen und eng­li­schen Untertiteln 
Regie & Buch: Aysun Badem­soy
Kame­ra: Ute Freund, Isa­bel­le Casez
Schnitt: Maja Tennstedt


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