A film by Fran­ces­co Riz­zi. In Ita­li­an with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Suter is a mys­te­rious, soli­ta­ry man, con­stant­ly on the move, esca­ping from hims­elf. By day he tra­vels across Switz­er­land in an unmar­ked white van. By night, he secret­ly obser­ves the life of Anna, a rebel­lious woman struggling with the after­math of trau­ma. After dis­co­vering Suter’s obses­si­on, Anna deve­lo­ps a stran­ge form of inti­ma­cy with him, which quick­ly ver­ges on a ten­der, yet dis­quie­ting rela­ti­ons­hip. But even that fra­gi­le balan­ce is threa­tened by a dark secret…


CH 2019, 93 Min., ital. OmU
Regie: Fran­ces­co Riz­zi
Kame­ra: Simon Guy Fäss­ler
Schnitt: Giu­sep­pe Tre­pic­cio­ne
mit: Vini­cio Mar­chio­ni , Sabi­ne Timo­teo , Leo­nar­do Nigro , Gior­gia Sala­ri , Jas­min Mat­tei , Ade­le Raes , Joa­chim Aeschli­mann


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