A film by Mark Michel. In Ger­man.

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Sin­ce her ear­liest child­hood, Vero­ni­ka Rai­la has been living with seve­re phy­si­cal impairments and Asper­ger syn­dro­me. She can neit­her speak, nor walk nor ful­fill her ever­y­day needs without assi­s­tance. When she was a child, her IQ tes­ted zero. Today she stu­dies at uni­ver­si­ty, wri­tes poe­try and pro­se and can express herself with faci­li­ta­ted com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Vero­ni­ka pos­ses­ses a keen mind and a heigh­te­ned sen­so­ry per­cep­ti­on. Wit­hin Vero­ni­ka spaces open whe­re rea­li­ty appears as colors, sounds and abs­tract shapes. She pro­ces­ses the­se impres­si­ons in her poems and sto­ries. ”Wri­ting is my only means to com­mu­ni­ca­te, to express my fee­lings and thoughts. Wri­ting is my con­nec­tion to the out­side world. Without it, I would be lost in the depths of a for­got­ten well.” Vero­ni­ka Rai­la

The docu­men­ta­ry essay Sand Girl takes us on a cine­ma­tic jour­ney to the young author’s wond­rous secret and cap­ti­vat­ing world. Through asso­cia­ti­ve images, obser­va­tions of ever­y­day life and selec­ted texts by Vero­ni­ka Rai­la the film crea­tes a space for tou­ch­ing encoun­ters and moments of bon­d­ing. The focus is less on ill­ness and impairment than the quest for the life for­ce its­elf. A poe­tic medi­ta­ti­on about what is often hard for humans to grasp, the natu­re of what we call mind and soul. Sand Girl was pro­du­ced in clo­se coope­ra­ti­on with Vero­ni­ka Rai­la.

D 2017, 84 Min.
Buch: Mark Michel & Vero­ni­ka Rai­la
Regie: Mark Michel
Kame­ra: Ines Thom­sen
Schnitt: Andre­as Balt­schun, Mark Michel, Ed van Megen


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