A film by Lukas Dhont. In French and Fle­mish with Ger­man subtitles.

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While Lara alrea­dy iden­ti­fies as a girl, her world is under­go­ing signi­fi­cant and much desi­red trans­for­ma­ti­on. She has just moved with her father and beloved kid bro­ther to a new city whe­re she has been pro­vi­sio­nal­ly accep­ted into a pres­ti­gious dance school and she will soon be old enough to start hor­mo­ne repla­ce­ment the­ra­py. Lara’s aspi­ra­ti­on to femi­nin­i­ty is so gre­at that she has cho­sen the most extre­me phy­si­cal form of its expres­si­on. But here, dance is not a release. Held cap­ti­ve by her body, she tapes her geni­tals and hides the bloo­di­ed feet which have not grown up en poin­te like the other girls. While her father offers her not­hing but sup­port, she is all teena­ge uncer­tain­ty and impa­ti­ence and her inte­rior world moves clo­ser to self-dest­ruc­tion even as her outer beau­ty blooms.

Bel­gi­en 2018, 105 Min., flä­misch, fran­zö­si­sche OmU
Regie: Lukas Dhont
Kame­ra: Frank van den Eeden
Schnitt: Alain Dessauvage
Vic­tor Pols­ter, Ari­eh Wort­hal­ter, Kate­li­j­ne Damen


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