Meine Tochter – Figlia Mia

A film by Lau­ra Bispu­ri. In ita­li­an with ger­man sub­tit­les.

Ten-year-old Vit­to­ria is gro­wing up in a Sar­di­ni­an vil­la­ge untouched by tou­rism. One day at a rodeo she meets the impe­tuous Ange­li­ca, who is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent to her own caring mother Tina. Vit­to­ria does not suspect that the two women are con­nec­ted by a secret. Tina has been visi­t­ing Ange­li­ca for a long time on the run-down farm whe­re Ange­li­ca lives a hap­py-go-lucky life with some old hor­ses and a faith­ful dog. Tina is not at all hap­py about Ange­li­ca and her daugh­ter Vit­to­ria get­ting to know each other. In debt, Ange­li­ca deci­des to move to the main­land. Relie­ved, Tina offers her finan­ci­al sup­port, but she can­not pre­vent fur­ther encoun­ters bet­ween the two. Cap­ti­va­ted by this fearless, inde­pen­dent woman, Vit­to­ria begins redis­co­vering the island with her.
As in her direc­ting debut, Ver­gi­ne giura­ta, Lau­ra Bispu­ri once again fol­lows her prot­ago­nist as she encoun­ters, imi­ta­tes and ques­ti­ons several role models until she gra­dual­ly dis­co­vers who she is. The warm light of a Sar­di­ni­an sum­mer accom­pa­nies Vit­to­ria on her tur­bu­lent jour­ney.
Ber­li­na­le 2018: Comp­we­ti­ti­on

Ita­li­en / Deutsch­land / Schweiz 2018, 100 Min., ital. OmU
Regie: Lau­ra Bispu­ri
Buch: Fran­ce­s­ca Manie­ri, Lau­ra Bispu­ri
Kame­ra: Vla­dan Rado­vic
Schnitt: Car­lot­ta Cris­tia­ni
Vale­ria Goli­no (Tina)
Alba Rohr­wa­cher (Ange­li­ca)
Sara Casu (Vit­to­ria)
Udo Kier (Bru­no)
Miche­le Car­bo­ni (Umber­to)

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