Augenblicke: Gesichter einer Reise

A Film by Agnes Var­da and JR.  In french with ger­man sub­tit­les.

Agnes Var­da and JR have things in com­mon: their pas­si­on for images in gene­ral and more par­ti­cu­lar­ly ques­ti­on­ning the pla­ces whe­re they are show­ed, how they are sha­red, expo­sed.
Agnès cho­se cine­ma.
JR cho­se to crea­te open-air pho­to­gra­phic gal­le­ries.
When Agnès and JR met in 2015, they imme­dia­te­ly wan­ted to work tog­e­ther, shoot a film in Fran­ce, far from the cities.
Ran­dom encoun­ters or pre­pa­red pro­jec­ts, they will go towards the others and get them to fol­low them on their trip with JR’s pho­to­gra­phic truck.
The film is also about their fri­endship that grows during the shoo­ting, bet­ween sur­pri­ses and mali­ce, laug­hing of their dif­fe­ren­ces.

OT: Visa­ges vil­la­ges
Frank­reich 2017, 89 Min., frz. OmU
Regie & Buch: JR, Agnès Var­da
Kame­ra: Clai­re Duguet (Bon­nieux, Reil­lan­ne, Usi­ne), Nico­las Guiche­teau (Paris, Usi­ne, le Nord), Valen­tin Vignet (BnF, côte Nor­man­de), Romain Le Bon­niec (Vexin, Le Hav­re, Pirou), Rapha­el Min­ne­so­ta (Musée du Lou­vre), Rober­to De Ange­lis (Cui­sine, Suis­se), Julia Fabr
Schnitt: Agnès Var­da, Maxi­me Poz­zi-Gar­cia
Musik: Mat­t­hieu Che­did aka ‑M-
Mit­wir­ken­de: JR, Agnès Var­da, Jean-Paul Beau­jon, Amau­ry Bos­sy, Yves Bou­len, Jean­ni­ne Car­pen­tier, Marie Dou­vet, Jean-Luc Godard


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