Am Strand

A film by Domi­nik Coo­ke. In eng­lish with ger­man sub­tit­les.

In the ear­ly 1960s, a young coup­le on their honey­moon strugg­le to phy­si­cal­ly con­nect in this sen­si­ti­ve adap­tati­on of Ian McEwan’s acc­lai­med short novel.
As Flo­rence (Sao­ir­se Ron­an, Brook­lyn) and Edward (Bil­ly How­le, Dun­kirk) sett­le down for their first din­ner as a mar­ried coup­le, a ner­vous ener­gy fills the air. But while it might appe­ar the fledgling hus­band and wife are suf­fe­ring from wed­ding night jit­ters, it beco­mes appa­rent that some­thing else is crea­ting the divi­de as the ine­vi­ta­bi­li­ty of phy­si­cal inti­ma­cy looms ever clo­ser.
Gor­ge­ous­ly len­sed by Sean Bob­bitt (12 Years a Slave) and impec­ca­bly adap­ted for the screen by McE­wan him­s­elf, Domi­nic Cooke’s quiet­ly heart­brea­king debut is a work of subt­le restraint, cap­tu­ring the intri­caci­es of the source mate­ri­al with grace and deli­cacy.
Ron­an shi­nes as the hesi­tant young bri­de, ably sup­por­ted by rising star How­le, both of whom express so much, even when their cha­rac­ters strugg­le to find the words. For a film in which many emo­ti­ons remain uns­po­ken, this melan­cho­lic love sto­ry speaks pro­found­ly about the fra­gi­li­ty of human rela­ti­ons­hips and the dest­ruc­tive natu­re of silence.

On Che­s­il Beach
Eng­land 2017, 110 Min., engl. OmU
Regie: Domi­nic Coo­ke
Kame­ra: Sean Bobitt
Schnitt: Nick Fen­ton
Dar­stel­ler: Sao­ir­se Ron­an, Bil­ly How­le, Anne Marie-Duff, Adri­an Scar­bo­rough, Emi­ly Wat­son, Samu­el West


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