Insel der hungrigen Geister

A film by Gabri­el­le Bra­dy. In Eng­lish with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Christ­mas Island, an iso­la­ted part of the world, loca­ted bet­ween Indo­ne­sia and Aus­tra­lia, is one of the of-ter­ri­to­ry sites Aus­tra­lia uses to detain peop­le see­king refu­ge or asyl­um (or a bet­ter life) on its ter­ri­to­ry pro­per. The tro­pi­cal island is also the site of ano­t­her kind of migra­ti­on: Usual­ly at the begin­ning of the wet sea­son thousands of red crabs make their way from the forest to the sea shore, a pas­sa­ge that finds pro­tec­tion from the peop­le on Christ­mas Island. In one sce­ne in Gabri­el­le Brady’s docu­men­ta­ry we see her prot­ago­nist, the the­ra­pist Poh Lin Lee, care­ful­ly clea­ring the road in order to avoid crab road­kill. Her main task on the island (and her voca­ti­on, we may sur­mi­se) is to help some of the detai­nees on the island, who suf­fer from the uncer­tain­ty of their sta­tus, and who often react by har­ming them­sel­ves. Poh Lin Lee offers an ori­gi­nal the­ra­py using a sand­box as a device to address trau­ma. ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS is as much a sub­t­ly radi­cal poli­ti­cal docu­men­ta­ry as it is a deeply moving medi­ta­ti­on on extre­me con­di­ti­ons in a place haun­ted by ghosts of all kind – the big­gest ghost being the unjust world order against which the­re is no easy offe­ring. (Bert Reb­handl)



DE/GB/AU 2018, 94 Min., eng­li­sche OmU
Regie und Buch: Gabri­el­le Bra­dy
Kame­ra: Micha­el Lat­ham
Schnitt: Katha­ri­na Fied­ler


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