Weitermachen Sanssouci

A film by Max Linz. In Ger­man with Eng­lish sub­tit­les.

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The Insti­tu­te for Cyber­ne­tics and Simu­la­ti­on Rese­arch is threa­tened with clo­sure – the star­ting point for this sati­re about how the uni­ver­si­ty sys­tem is to be trans­for­med into a tur­bo-capi­ta­list rese­arch machi­ne. Phoe­be Phai­don, a high­ly qua­li­fied, up-and-com­ing young aca­de­mic, accepts yet ano­t­her tem­pora­ry tea­ching con­tract. With her pro­gres­si­ve ide­als on cli­ma­te rese­arch still more or less inta­ct, she acts as a link to the frus­tra­ted, yet com­bat-rea­dy stu­dents who have occu­p­ied the libra­ry. On the other side of the batt­le lines are the estab­lis­hed facul­ty, who­se will to sur­vi­ve in the cesspool of third-par­ty fun­ding acqui­si­ti­on has ground them down into vain cynics for whom no ridi­cu­lous con­ces­si­on to eva­lua­ti­on mad­ness is too gro­tes­que. Max Linz crafts his film with a keen sen­se of Berlin’s sen­si­ti­vi­ties, urban back­drops, office décor and aca­de­mic atti­re. And he exa­g­ge­ra­tes deca­dent uni­ver­si­ty jar­gon with gus­to, its buz­z­words func­tio­n­ing almost like the bait in beha­viou­ral stu­dies. By the end, the film has prac­ti­cal­ly beco­me a musi­cal, with a catchy tune that could be a post-capi­ta­list revo­lu­tio­na­ry anthem: “Why can’t it be nice here, why are we not hap­py?”


DE 2019, 80 Min.
Regie: Max Linz
Kame­ra: Car­los Andrés López
Schnitt: Bernd Euscher, René Fröl­ke
Mit: Sarah Ralfs, Sophie Rois, Phil­ipp Hauß, Bernd Moss, Maryam Zaree, Bas­ti­an Trost, Leo­nie Jen­ning, Luis Kra­wen, Mar­tha von Mechow, Max Wag­ner, Anna Papen­burg, Olga Lys­t­so­va, Kers­tin Grass­mann, Jean Chai­ze, Fried­rich Liechs­ten­stein


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