Heute oder Morgen

A Film by Thomas-Moritz Helm. In German and English with  English and German subtitles.

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Summer in Berlin. Two Berliners, Maria and Niels, and one British stu­dent, Chloë, are three twen­ty-some­things. Drifting libi­di­nous­ly through Berlin, they plun­ge head­long into a care­free and chao­tic love affair with each other. Boisterously living life to the full, they grasp ever­y­thing and any­thing they plea­se. Their only com­pass seems to be the plea­su­re they expe­ri­ence tog­e­ther – which works per­fect­ly well until Chloë unin­ten­tio­nal­ly falls pregnant. Insecurity and anger, jea­lou­sy and doubt now break out. An abor­ti­on is plan­ned, and rejec­ted. Who is allo­wed to have a say, and when, and about what? Their unu­su­al tri­ni­ty dis­sol­ves and their once balan­ced rela­ti­onship muta­tes into shif­ting con­stel­la­ti­ons of two – until it seems it might be pos­si­ble to res­to­re a pre­ca­rious equi­li­bri­um, at least for a moment. Is their uto­pia within reach or is this just the calm befo­re the storm? To love dif­fer­ent­ly is hard work. The world is not pre­pared for Maria, Niels and Chloë. And neither are they.


DE 2018, 93 Min.
Regie & Buch: Thomas-Moritz Helm
Kamera: Stefan Neuberger
Schnitt: Elena Weihe
Darsteller: Paula Knüpling, Maximilian Hildebrandt, Tala Gouveia, Roland Bonjour, Nora Decker, Carrie Getman


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