Im Land meiner Kinder

A film by Dar­ío Aguirre.
In Ger­man and Spa­nish with Spa­nish and Ger­man subtitles.

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Unex­pec­ted­ly, the Ger­man aut­ho­ri­ties offer the Ecua­do­ri­an direc­tor Dario Aguir­re Ger­man citi­zenship. In this ten­der­ly iro­nic road movie, he por­trays the com­pli­ca­ted path he took from the coun­try of his foref­a­thers to that of his children.
Aguir­re actual­ly came to Ger­ma­ny becau­se of Ste­pha­nie from Ecua­dor, but the aut­ho­ri­ties have always been a part of their rela­ti­ons­hip. In the ensuing 15 years, they issued a total of 10 visas. This long trail of docu­ments, stamps, per­mits and restric­tions pro­vi­ded Aguir­re with a con­nec­tion to Ger­ma­ny, while at the same time kee­ping him at arm’s length. And now this: the mayor of Ham­burg invi­tes Dario to beco­me a Ger­man. The offer rai­ses many ques­ti­ons. Is this a decla­ra­ti­on of love for his adop­ted home? And: does he feel in a posi­ti­on to beco­me a Ger­man yet?



Deutsch­land, Schweiz 2018,  88 Min. 
Regie: Dar­ío Aguirre
Dreh­buch: Dar­ío Aguirre
Prot­ago­nis­ten: César Aguir­re, Mariuxi Gue­va­ra, Chris­ta und Andre­as Tonn, Ste­pha­nie Tonn
Pro­du­zent: Tobi­as Büch­ner, Fran­zis­ka Reck
Kame­ra: Hele­na Witt­mann, Dar­ío Aguirre
Schnitt: Ulri­ke Torto­ra, Dar­ío Aguirre

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Geför­dert von der Film­för­de­rung Ham­burg Schles­wig Hol­stein GmbH


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