A film by Ste­phan Koman­darev.

In the span of twen­ty-four hours, the fate of various people’s lives will col­li­de and be affec­ted during each indi­vi­du­als taxi ride. All are vic­tims of the decli­ne of a suf­fe­ring nati­on.

We dri­ve through the streets of the city of Sofia and look through the eyes of dri­vers and cli­ents as hope slow­ly creeps in. We see that each decisi­on we make has a ripp­le effect on others. We learn that even one person’s death could give ano­t­her the chan­ce at a new life. That just one simp­le act of kind­ness will inde­ed make a dif­fe­rence.

The­se sto­ries are about love and indif­fe­rence, about devo­ti­on and lone­li­ness; all con­nec­ted by a radio show that poses ques­ti­ons but gives no ans­wers. This is a sto­ry about a society’s need for a new DIRECTION even if it was as inva­si­ve as open heart sur­ge­ry


Bul­ga­ri­en, Deutsch­land, Maze­do­ni­en 2017, 103 Min., bul­ga­risch, eng­li­sche OmU
Ori­gi­nal­ti­tel: Pos­o­ki
Regie: Ste­phan Koman­darev
Dreh­buch: Sime­on Vent­sis­la­vov, Ste­phan Koman­darev
Kame­ra: Ves­se­lin Hris­tov
Schnitt: Nina Alt­a­par­ma­ko­va
Dar­stel­ler: Vas­sil Vasilev–Zuek, Ivan Bar­nev, Assen Bla­tech­ki, Dobrin Dosev, Guer­as­sim Gue­or­gu­iev, Iri­ni Zham­bo­nas, Vasil Banov, Troyan Gogov, Dimitar Banen­kin, Ste­fan Den­olyu­bov

DIRECTIONS | Trai­ler OV w/Engl. Subt. from ARRI Media GmbH on Vimeo.