Die Kandidaten

A Film by  Micha­el Schwarz. On Sep­tem­ber 28th & 29th at the fsk.

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How does an elec­tion cam­pai­gn work at grass-roots level, far away from Ber­lin? Six young poli­ti­ci­ans of the big­gest poli­ti­cal par­ties com­pe­te in the Ger­man federal elec­tion 2017 to stand up for their beliefs. By atten­ding panel dis­cus­sions, door-to-door cam­pai­gning, visits at the local fair and inter­views we learn how elec­tion cam­pai­gns work on a small sca­le. Our prot­ago­nists are always clo­se to the peop­le, who sup­port, cri­ti­ci­ze or reject them. Des­pi­te the dif­fi­cul­ties, they all have to act accord­ing to the mot­to „Keep on figh­t­ing!”.


DE 2019, 82 Min.
Regie, Buch, Ton: Micha­el Schwarz
Kame­ra: Alex­an­der Gries­ser
Schnitt: Mela­nie Dietz


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DIE KANDIDATEN // Trai­ler from nacht­schwär­mer­film on Vimeo.