Barstow, California

A film by Rainer Komers. In English with German subtitles.

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Barstow, California’ is the third film in the tri­lo­gy ‘The American West’ (the other two films are: ‘Nome Road System’ and ‘Milltown, Montana’) about pla­ces in the rela­tively spar­se­ly popu­la­ted are­as of the American West. It is an artis­tic docu­men­ta­ry record­ing life & land­s­cape in the California sou­thwes­tern desert. The trilogy’s style of ‘land­s­cape lis­tening’ (ambi­ent audio only) will be alte­red some­what with Barstow to add the voice of Stanley ‘Spoon’ Jackson (an inter­na­tio­nal­ly-acc­lai­med, Barstow-born prisoner/poet) to the sound­track rea­ding pas­sa­ges from his auto­bio­gra­phy dealing with his youth & life in the area.


DE/US 2018, 76 Min., engl. OmU
Regie & Kamera: Rainer Komers
Editor: Gregor Bartsch


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