Die Geheimnisse des Schönen Leo

A film by Bene­dikt Schwarzer.In Ger­man.

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Leo Wag­ner was a Mem­ber of Par­li­a­ment for the Con­ser­va­ti­ves (CSU), a clo­se con­fi­dan­te of Franz Josef Strauß and a dazz­ling figu­re in Cologne’s night­li­fe. He left his fami­ly behind with many ques­ti­ons and open wounds.

His grand­son, the film direc­tor Bene­dikt Schwar­zer, embarks on the search for a grand­fa­ther who he never real­ly got to know. He finds con­tem­pora­ry wit­nes­ses, pimps and lovers, even Leo‘s com­man­ding offi­cer in the Sta­si. His par­ty fri­ends from the time remain curious­ly silent.

The attrac­tive appearan­ce of Leo’s text­book care­er and pic­tu­re-book fami­ly in the elec­tion brochu­res is decep­ti­ve. His mar­ria­ge was rui­ned. He beca­me invol­ved in dubio­us busi­ness. And evi­dence is being con­fir­med that Leo Wag­ner was the cru­ci­al trai­tor who led to the fail­u­re of the CDU / CSU’s vote of no con­fi­dence against Federal Chan­cellor Wil­ly Brandt in 1972 – cele­bra­ted by the Sta­si.

His life still casts a shadow over his fami­ly. It has taken a long time for his daugh­ter to be able to speak about the past. The can­dy-colou­red Super‑8 films of the 1960s and 1970s are view­ed in a com­ple­te­ly new light.

Bene­dikt Schwarzer‘s rese­arch into Leo Wag­ner opens up an unem­bel­lished view oflook at the con­tra­dic­tions of his genera­ti­on and the sor­did under­bel­ly of the Bonn Repu­blic.



Deutsch­land 2018, 80 Minu­ten
Regie & Buch: Bene­dikt Schwar­zer
Kame­ra: Juli­an Kru­bas­ik
Schnitt: Nata­scha Car­to­la­ro


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