Der letzte Jolly-Boy

A film by Hans-Erich Viet.  In Ger­man

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Hans-Erich Viet’s docu­men­ta­ry tells the sto­ry of 97-year-old Holo­caust sur­vi­vor Leon Schwarz­baum. Born in Ham­burg, he grew up in Poland and was the only mem­ber of his fami­ly to sur­vi­ve the con­cen­tra­ti­on camps of Ausch­witz, Buchen­wald and Sach­sen­hau­sen. He was an obser­ver at the Lüne­burg SS tri­al and was a co-plain­tiff in the Ausch­witz SS tri­als in Det­mold and Hanau. A road movie through deca­des of Ger­man histo­ry and sto­ries – with a man who sang as a teen­ager in a boy band known as the „Jol­ly Boys“, inspi­red by Ame­ri­can swing music.


DE 2018 105 Min.
Regie: Hans-Erich Viet
Dreh­buch: Hans-Erich Viet
Kame­ra: Tho­mas Kel­ler, Nina Frey
Schnitt: Nina Cas­pers


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Der letz­te Jol­ly Boy – Trai­ler from Cine Com­ple­te Post­pro­duc­tion on Vimeo.