Another Day Of Life

A film by Raul de la Fuen­te and Dami­an Nenow .

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Ano­t­her Day of Life“ relives the dra­ma of the Ango­lan civil war in 1975 through the eyes of the legen­da­ry war repor­ter Rys­zard Kapuściń­ski. Via a mix of ani­ma­ted sequen­ces and docu­men­ta­ry inter­views with Kapuschinski’s con­tem­pora­ry com­pa­n­ions the film con­veys the ter­ror and absur­di­ties of the war. At the same time the audi­ence wit­nes­ses Kapuściński’s tran­si­ti­on from objec­ti­ve repor­ter to aut­hor who tri­es to approach the truths of the war through the means of lite­ra­tu­re.


Polen/Spanien/Belgien/Deutschland 2018 ∙ 86 Min., Eng­lisch, Por­tu­gie­sisch, Pol­nisch, Spa­ni­sche OmU
Regie: Raul de la Fuen­te, Dami­an Nenow
Buch: Raul de la Fuen­te, David Weber, Ama­ia Ram


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