Spreeland – Fontane

A Film by  Bern­hard Sall­man.  On March 31st. In Ger­man.

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The rivers used to run the way they run today. Sure, they car­ri­ed other water. But isn’t water always water? We see water in almost every take of this cine­ma­tic ram­ble through Brandenburg’s Spree are­as – moving, sta­gnant, clear, mur­ky, over­flo­wing, dam­med up, liquid, fro­zen – in sta­tic takes, audio­vi­su­al crystal­li­za­ti­ons of the onto­lo­gi­cal modes of water, always both his­to­ric tableau and view of the pre­sent day: the rivers that flow or stand still the way they always used to flow or stand still and the high­ways bey­ond their banks, the smo­king chim­neys of power plants in the back­ground, the motor boats, the jet­ties, the brid­ges, the ship­ping faci­li­ties.

After “Oder­land. Fon­ta­ne” and “Rhin­land. Fon­ta­ne”, Bern­hard Sall­mann is now pre­sen­ting “Spree­land Fon­ta­ne”, his third film essay adap­tati­on of the five-volu­me tra­ve­lo­gue “Ramb­lings through Bran­den­burg”. Offscreen, Judi­ca Albrecht’s crys­tal clear, almost black and white voice reci­tes pas­sa­ges from the impres­si­ons the famous Ger­man wri­ter Theo­dor Fon­ta­ne tur­ned into pro­se, while onscreen the pla­ces of influx whe­re histo­ry and the pre­sent age flow tog­e­ther are revea­led.

Lukas Stern


DE 2018, 79 Min., Regie, Kame­ra, Schnitt: Bern­hard Sall­mann


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