A film by Marie Wilke. In German.

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The gui­ded tours in the Reichstag buil­ding are well atten­ded; there’s lots of laugh­ter at the simu­la­ted vote on a bill. At the Bundestag’s “Infomobile” in Dresden, a citi­zen com­plains that the govern­ment is out of touch with the peo­p­le. SPD par­lia­men­ta­ri­ans attend a work­shop to prac­ti­se stra­te­gies for deal­ing with right-wing popu­list topics. A crowd chants: clo­se the bor­ders! Journalists from the taz and Bild-Zeitung news­pa­pers dis­cuss the issues of the day. An edi­to­ri­al team from TV sta­ti­on MDR pro­du­ces a report entit­led “Attack on Democracy – the New Right.” Calmly and sober­ly, Aggregat coll­ects astu­te­ly obser­ved and careful­ly arran­ged sce­nes from the dai­ly life of media and poli­tics in con­tem­po­ra­ry Germany. The came­ra always keeps its focus, the mon­ta­ge makes use of hard cuts and cuts to black. The uncon­nec­ted frag­ments show situa­tions wit­hout com­ment rela­ting to how poli­tics is media­ted or socie­ty dis­cus­sed. The role of the media as the fourth estate comes in for scru­ti­ny, as do the cri­te­ria which shape covera­ge. And ano­ther impres­si­on left by the film is the sheer amount of pains­ta­king work nee­ded to pre­ser­ve the grand idea of democracy.


DE 2018, 92 Min.
Regie, Buch: Marie Wilke
Kamera: Alexander Gheorghiu
Schnitt: Jan Soldat, Marie Wilke


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