A film by Alex­an­der Gor­chi­lin.  In Rus­si­an with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Stark naked, Vanya jumps to his death off a bal­co­ny. ‘If you want to jump, jump,’ Pete had told him. Befo­re: a floo­ded apart­ment, a toi­let in the midd­le of the room, para­noia. Moby’s ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’ on in the back­ground. Kis­lo­ta (Acid), the sty­lish direc­to­ri­al debut of 26-year-old Rus­si­an actor Alex­an­der Gor­chi­lin, begins like a trip and bre­ath­less­ly con­ti­nues: Vanya’s fun­e­ral is fol­lo­wed by club­bing, drugs and the artist Vasi­lisk, who asks Sasha if he can pho­to­graph his cir­cumcis­ed penis. He may. Sasha beco­mes the focus of the film. The acid of the tit­le first comes into play in the artist’s stu­dio when Vasi­lisk dis­sol­ves his father’s sculp­tures in it. Life is not bad in today’s Rus­sia for the young, father­less men at the cent­re of the film. They look good, but their lives have no sen­se of direc­tion. The bot­t­le of acid remains in the room the next morning. It will con­ti­nue to play a role in the sto­ry.
Gor­chi­lin finds power­ful images for his depic­tion of a youth that seem to be losing their grip on life. And neit­her the cream-colou­red inte­riors of their bour­geois homes, nor rhyth­mic gym­nastics or even the church seem to offer them anything to hold on to.



RU  2018,98 Min., russ. OmU,

Regie: Alex­an­der Gor­chi­lin
Buch: Vale­ry Pecheykin
Kame­ra: Kse­ni­ya Ser­e­da
Mon­ta­ge: Vadim Kras­nit­s­kiy
mit: Filipp Avdeev, Alex­an­der Kuz­net­sov, Ari­na Shevt­so­va, Sav­va Save­liev 


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Acid (Trai­ler) from Salz­ge­ber & Co. Medi­en GmbH on Vimeo.