In many imperfect ways: Anker der Liebe

A film by Mar­ques-Mar­cet. In Eng­lish with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Eva and Kat’s hum­ble, yet care­free, life in their Lon­don canal boat is tur­ned upsi­de down when Eva gives Kat an ulti­ma­tum: she wants a child. Kat resists, knowing that it will end the bohemi­an life­style she’s always envi­sa­ged with Eva. When Kat’s best friend from Bar­ce­lo­na, Roger, stops by to par­ty with them, the three toy around with the idea of crea­ting a baby tog­e­ther. Fee­ling backed into a cor­ner, Kat cons­ents. Sur­pri­sin­gly, the unusu­al do-it-yourself donor inse­mi­na­ti­on is suc­cess­ful. As Eva enjoys her pregnan­cy and Roger fan­ta­si­zes about his role in the new fami­ly, Kat begins to feel like a third wheel and starts to distance herself. When Eva has an unex­pec­ted mis­car­ria­ge, everyone’s true fee­lings are laid bare, lea­ding Eva and Kat to break up while Roger pre­pa­res to go back to Bar­ce­lo­na. The three soon rea­li­ze, howe­ver, that they can’t sur­vi­ve without each other, and a new jour­ney begins to build a fami­ly.


Anchor and Hope
GB 2017, 112 Min., engl. OmU
Regie: Car­los Mar­ques-Mar­cet
Dar­stel­ler: Oona Chap­lin, Nata­lie Tena, Geral­di­ne Chap­lin, David Ver­da­guer
Film­län­ge: 112 Minu­ten


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