Zu jeder Zeit

A film by Nico­las Phi­li­bert. In French with Ger­man subtitles

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Every year, thousands of stu­dents in Fran­ce begin trai­ning in nur­sing care. After being accep­ted to the Insti­tut de For­ma­ti­on en Soins Infir­miers, their stu­dies con­sist of cour­ses in theo­ry, prac­ti­cal exer­ci­ses and ser­vice in hos­pi­tals. It is a dif­fi­cult and inten­si­ve trai­ning cour­se during which they gain exten­si­ve know­ledge and skills, prac­ti­cal pro­ces­ses and pre­pa­re them­sel­ves to take on gre­at respon­si­bi­li­ty. The film accom­pa­nies the ups and downs of such an edu­ca­ti­on in which often very young peop­le are con­fron­ted with human fra­gi­li­ty, suf­fe­ring, dise­a­se and the weak­nes­ses of body and soul. It’s about us and our humanity.



De cha­que instant
FR 2018, 105 Min.,

Regie, Kame­ra, Schnitt: Nico­las Philibert 


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