Welcome Venice

A film by Andrea Segre. In Italian with German subtitles.

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Pietro and Alvise come from a long line of fishing fami­lies from Giudecca, Venice’s most ‚working-class‘ island. But they don’t see eye to eye on the see­mingly unstoppable trans­for­ma­ti­on of the lives of the Venetians and the city­’s very iden­ti­ty. Indeed, the far-rea­ching impact of glo­bal tou­rism has chan­ged the rela­ti­onship bet­ween Venice and its resi­dents, and the pan­de­mic has only thrown this cri­ti­cal situa­ti­on into reli­ef. Pietro would just like to keep fishing the typi­cal crabs found in the Lagoon, lonely as that life­style is, while Alvise belie­ves their home on the Giudecca its­elf is the ticket to joi­ning the eli­te mana­ging the city­’s real estate assets, hence run­ning Venice. This clash of views will invol­ve the enti­re fami­ly, in an ensem­ble film about how our world is changing.


IT 2021, 100 Min.,
Regie: Andrea Segre
Kamera: Matteo Calore
Schnitt: Chiara Russo
mit: Paolo Pierobon, Andrea Pennacchi, Ottavia
Piccolo, Roberto Citran, Sara Lazzaro

Trailer „Welcome Venice”
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