L’Amour du Monde

A film by Jenna Hasse. In French with German subtitles.

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What do you like over the­re?” – “That it’s 100,000 km from here.”

Fourteen-year-old Margaux drifts dre­a­mi­ly bet­ween her father’s new flat and the children’s group home whe­re she is spen­ding her sum­mer as an intern. To the dis­con­tent of the adults, she strikes an unu­su­al but ten­der bond with seven year old half-orphan Juliette. When the two meet local fisher­man Joël during one of their secret strolls, Margaux expe­ri­en­ces the enig­ma­tic fee­ling of an inten­se lon­ging for dis­co­ve­ring the world. Modestly reser­ved, howe­ver atten­ti­ve, she expe­ri­en­ces the first traces of attrac­tion. Among the reflec­tions of Lake Geneva, the three unli­kely com­pa­n­ions will learn more about fishing, Indonesian legends and herons, and about how fri­end­ship can unfold in unex­pec­ted ways.


CH 2023, 76 Min., frz. OmU
Regie: Jenna Hasse
Kamera: Valentina Provini
Schnitt: Noémie Fy
mit: Clarisse Moussa, Esin Demircan, Marc Oosterhoff, Adèle Vandroth, Pierre Mifsud, Mélanie Doutey, Filipe Vargas, Théo Rossi, Hadrien Motta, Elias Alves, Maël Ney

L’AMOUR DU MONDE – Sehnsucht nach der Welt // Kinostart: 24. August
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