Was uns bindet

A film by Ivette Löcker. In German.

Just as I thought that I could final­ly put my fee­lings for my par­ents and my ori­g­ins to rest, my father deci­ded to lea­ve me his crumbling farm­house. This stone inhe­ri­tance is sup­po­sed to tie me again to the place whe­re I grew up. It is sup­po­sed to bring me clo­ser to my par­ents again. I have trou­ble breathing as I rea­li­se that my jour­ney to under­stand my fami­ly has only just started.

Österreich 2017,  102 Min.
Regie und Buch: Ivette Löcker
Kamera: Frank Amann
Schnitt: Michael Palm


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