Was gewesen wäre

A film by Flo­ri­an Koer­ner von Gus­torf. In Ger­man with Eng­lish sub­tit­les.

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Paul and Astrid want to spend a roman­tic wee­kend in Hun­ga­ry, but when Astrid reco­gni­zes one of the other hotel guests as her child­hood swee­the­art, the couple‘s trip turns into a trip to the past.


DE 2019, 90 Min.,
Regie: Flo­ri­an Koer­ner von Gus­torf
Kame­ra: Rein­hold Vor­schnei­der
Schnitt: Mona Bräu­er
mit: Chris­tia­ne Paul, Ronald Zehr­feld, Sebas­ti­an Hülk


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