A film by Mar­kus Schlein­zer.  In French and Ger­man with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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In the ear­ly 18th cen­tu­ry, a group of young slaves is brought to Euro­pe. Among them is a 10-year-old boy whom a mar­chio­ness selects to be an object of stu­dy. Given the name Ange­lo, he recei­ves a com­pre­hen­si­ve edu­ca­ti­on in lan­guages and music and is pas­sed around from Mes­si­na to Vien­na as an exo­tic but Euro­pea­ni­zed valet. Only Mag­da­le­na regards him as more than a deco­ra­ti­ve exhi­bi­ti­on pie­ce. Fol­lowing his high­ly acc­lai­med fea­ture-film debut MICHAEL (2011), Aus­tri­an direc­tor Mar­kus Schlein­zer traces the true sto­ry of Ange­lo Soli­man in well-com­po­sed tableaux vivants. This peri­od film was shot in the clas­sic 4:3 aspect ratio, cor­re­spon­ding to Angelo’s nar­ro­wed per­spec­ti­ve of being put on dis­play. The results are power­ful image­ry and an evo­ca­ti­ve film that exami­nes the exces­ses of colo­nia­lism both in their his­to­ri­cal con­text and in the pre­sent day.



AT/LU 2018, 111 Min., fran­zö­sisch-deut­sche OmU-Fas­sung
Regie: Mar­kus Schlein­zer
Kame­ra: Gerald Ker­kletz
Schnitt: Pia Dumont
mit: Maki­ta Sam­ba, Alba Rohr­wa­cher, Lari­sa Faber, Ken­ny Nzo­gang, Lukas Miko


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