Waldheims Walzer

A film by Ruth Becker­mann. In Ger­man

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A lot of time has pas­sed sin­ce the scan­dal sur­roun­ding the Nazi past of for­mer UN Secreta­ry Gene­ral Kurt Wald­heim made head­lines world­wi­de, not least becau­se he denied it. It all star­ted during the 1986 Aus­tri­an pre­si­den­ti­al cam­pai­gn, when Wald­heim was sup­po­sed to gain vic­to­ry and thus reach the pin­na­cle of his sto­ry­book post-war poli­ti­cal care­er. Based on smart­ly cho­sen inter­na­tio­nal TV archi­ve mate­ri­al, this docu­men­ta­ry essay recon­struc­ts how this hea­ted deba­te pro­gres­sed, all the way up to the second round of voting in June 1986. The posi­ti­ons of the various sta­ke­hol­ders – excerpts from the press con­fe­ren­ces of the World Jewish Con­gress, deba­tes in the UN Gene­ral Assem­bly, hea­rings in the US Con­gress as well as state­ments by the Aus­tri­an People’s Par­ty and its can­di­da­te – are joi­ned by Ruth Beckermann’s sub­jec­tive, ana­ly­ti­cal com­men­ta­ry in voice­over. She’s also the­re in the video foo­ta­ge she shot herself, docu­ments of an oppo­si­tio­nal move­ment that show anti-Wald­heim events and ver­bal dis­pu­tes with res­ent­ful and anti-Semi­tic pas­sers­by. Rabb­le-rou­sing, slan­der, media-bashing, and deny­ing fac­ts – they all bro­ke new ground here. Yes, a lot of time has pas­sed, but it’s not over yet. (Ber­li­na­lestext)

Öster­reich 2018, Deutsch, Eng­lisch, Fran­zö­si­sche OmU
93 Min.
Regie, Buch: Ruth Becker­mann
Schnitt: Die­ter Pich­ler

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