A film by Chris­ti­ne Repond. In Ger­man.

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Amidst the pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for her 35th wed­ding anni­ver­s­a­ry, Mer­edith is sur­pri­sed by the dis­co­very that she is HIV-posi­ti­ve. Only her hus­band André comes into ques­ti­on as the car­ri­er.
Shaken, Mer­edith finds out that he has been unfaith­ful to her with pro­sti­tu­tes. She con­fronts André with the dia­gno­sis and throws him out of the house. Mer­edith, howe­ver, who has always built her life ent­i­re­ly around caring for her fami­ly, can hard­ly bear being alo­ne. Fol­lowing an inten­se fight, she final­ly cons­ents to André’s return. He in the mean­ti­me knows that he is also HIV-posi­ti­ve. They deci­de to deal with the con­dem­na­ti­ons and the ill­ness tog­e­ther.
The clo­ser the anni­ver­s­a­ry cele­bra­ti­on loo­ms, the more fra­gi­le this mar­ria­ge to be cele­bra­ted appears to be. The deep con­nec­tion they once had with one ano­t­her only flas­hes through in rare moments. Bra­ve, enra­ged and hope­ful, Mer­edith sen­ses that the­re can only be a future tog­e­ther when she can for­gi­ve André uncon­di­tio­nal­ly. But how much inju­ry can love with­stand?


Deutsch­land 2018, 80 Min.
Regie & Dreh­buch: Chris­ti­ne Repond
Kame­ra: Ali­ne László
Schnitt: Ulri­ke Torto­ra
mit: Bar­ba­ra Auer, Robert Hun­ger-Büh­ler


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