Der Fall Sarah und Saleem

A film by Mua­yad Ala­y­an.  In Ara­bic, Hebrew and Eng­lish with Ger­man subtitles.

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An affair of the heart beco­mes an affair of sta­te: a Pales­ti­ni­an dra­ma that takes the uphea­vals bet­ween Arabs and Jews to ano­t­her, unusu­al level. Sex in the back of a truck – that just about sums up the affair bet­ween Sarah and Saleem. They meet several times a week, as soon as he’s finis­hed deli­vering his pas­tries and she’s shut her café. Their affair is given added piquan­cy not just by the fact that they’­re both mar­ried, but becau­se Sarah is Israe­li and Saleem Pales­ti­ni­an. When the pair are spot­ted tog­e­ther, the intel­li­gence ser­vices on both sides take an inte­rest in Saleem, becau­se Sarah’s hus­band is no ordi­na­ry Israe­li, but a high-ran­king officer.



PS/NL/DE/MX 2018, 127 min., Far­be, Arab./Hebr./Engl. OmU
Regie: Mua­yad Alayan
Kame­ra: Sebas­ti­an Bock
Schnitt: Sameer Qumsiyeh
mit: Mai­sa Abd Elha­di, Ade­eb Safadi, Siva­ne Kretch­ner, Ishai Golan


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