Utøya 22. Juli

A film by Erik Pop­pe. In Nor­we­gi­an with Ger­man subtitles.

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On 22 July 2011 five hund­red young peop­le atten­ding a sum­mer camp on the island of Utøya were atta­cked by a hea­vi­ly armed right-wing extre­mist. The mur­de­rous attack clai­med the lives of 69 vic­tims. It was a trau­ma that rocked Nor­way to the core, and still does to this day. Direc­tor Erik Pop­pe has dar­ed to attempt to turn the events of that sum­mer into a film. His dra­ma opens with docu­men­ta­ry foo­ta­ge of Oslo whe­re, short­ly befo­re­hand, the same atta­cker had explo­ded a car bomb kil­ling eight peop­le; the sce­ne then shifts to the island. The came­ra fol­lows 19-year-old Kaja who is spen­ding a few days of the holi­day here with her young sis­ter Emi­lie. The two are quar­rel­ling becau­se Emi­lie is in no mood for the camp and has abso­lute­ly no desi­re to go to the bar­be­cue. And so Kaja ends up going alo­ne. Sud­den­ly, the first gunshot is heard.
This first shot marks the begin­ning of a bre­ath­less 72-minu­te-long recon­struc­tion of events, filmed in a sin­gle take, as seen through the eyes of the vic­tims. Kaja’s despe­ra­te search for Emi­lie. The fear in the eyes of the young peop­le. Their escape into the forest. Their despe­ra­te hope of res­cue. And the unknown assas­sin, get­ting clo­ser and closer.


U – July 22
Nor­we­gen 2018, norw. OmU, 90 Min.
Regie: Erik Poppe
Kame­ra: Mar­tin Otterbeck
Schnitt: Einar Egeland

mit: Andrea Berntzen
Alek­san­der Holmen 
Bre­de Fristad
Elli Rhi­an­non Mül­ler Osbourne 


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