True Warriors

A Film by Niklas Schenck and Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel.

Kabul, December 11, 2014. During the pre­mie­re of a theat­re play about sui­ci­de bom­bings a 17 years old boy blows hims­elf up. Some in the audi­ence clap, becau­se at first they think the explo­si­on is part of a very rea­li­stic re-enact­ment. Only when panic spreads do they rea­li­ze what happened.
The docu­men­ta­ry film TRUE WARRIORS tells the sto­ry of the actors and the musi­ci­ans who were on stage that day. With their play, they wan­ted to make a point against the ter­ror and vio­lence that eats up their coun­try. Now they are para­ly­zed by fear. Ever get­ting on a stage again? Unimaginable! Becoming a famous musi­ci­an? Way too dangerous!
Only when vio­lence hits a second time, some of the artists deci­de to take a dif­fe­rent approach.They beco­me ever more radi­cal as artists. Not only do they go back on stage – they also play the most dar­ing pie­ce they ima­gi­nable, on the streets of Kabul, unprotected.
TRUE WARRIORS reminds us that if we real­ly want to defeat ter­ro­rism we need to offer more than fear and hat­red. One of the actors said after a scree­ning in Germany: „We need to move from a cul­tu­re of war to a cul­tu­re of peace – and who could lead the way but us artists?”.


D 2017„90 Min., Engl., Dari OmU,
R.: Niklas Schenck, Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel