The roads not taken

A film by Sal­ly Pot­ter. In Eng­lish with Ger­man subtitles.

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Leo lies in bed. He is con­fu­sed and lost in his thoughts. Peop­le around him no lon­ger take him serious­ly. With the pro­ver­bi­al ten­der loving care, Mol­ly, his daugh­ter, accom­pa­nies him through New York. Even though her job is on the line, she sticks with this mental­ly impai­red man who no lon­ger knows her name, but who­se head is fil­led with wan­de­rings into par­al­lel ver­si­ons of his life. The life of a man. Leo with Dolo­res in Mexi­co: sce­nes from their pas­sio­na­te mar­ria­ge; Leo as a lonely wri­ter on a Greek island. The­se encoun­ters steer him towards unplea­sant truths – and back to Mol­ly. In spi­te of the radi­cal stance of her femi­nist films (The Gold Dig­gers, Orlan­do), Sal­ly Pot­ter has always been fasci­na­ted by the coexis­tence of women and men. She takes this to a new level in her latest work that explo­res the many lives a man car­ri­es insi­de him, even when rea­li­ty seems to be fading away. In the end, it is his daugh­ter’s uncon­di­tio­nal love that holds tog­e­ther the threads of Leo’s hal­lu­ci­na­to­ry trips.


US 2020, 85 Min., engl. OmU
Regie, Buch: Sal­ly Potter
Kame­ra: Rob­bie Ryan
Schnitt: Emi­lie Orsi­ni, Sal­ly Pot­ter, Jason Rayton
mit: Javier Bar­dem, Elle Fan­ning, Sal­ma Hayek, Lau­ra Linney


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