The other Side of the River

a film by Antonia Kilian. In Arabic, Kurdish and German with German subtitles.

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Combat trai­ning ins­tead of forced mar­ria­ge and IS? 19-year-old Hala escapes from Minbij in North Syria across the Euphrates and ends up in the Kurdish mili­ta­ry. After her trai­ning she returns to her home­town as a poli­ce offi­cer with the inten­ti­on of saving her youn­ger sisters.


DE/FI 2021, 92 Min., Arabisch, Kurdisch, Deutsch mit deut­schen Untertiteln
Regie: Antonia Kilian
Kamera: Antonia Kilian
Ton: Nadya Derwish
Schnitt: Arash Asadi

The Other Side Of The River | offi­zi­el­ler deut­scher Trailer
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