Stand up my Beauty

A film by Heidi Specogna. In Amharic with German subtitles.

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Nardos, an Azmari sin­ger from Addis Ababa, dreams of tel­ling sto­ries about the lives of ordi­na­ry peo­p­le through her music. In her search of sto­ries for her songs, she meets Gennet, a poet who lives on the streets with her child­ren. As Nardos puts the lives of Ethiopian women, their visi­ons and power at the cent­re of her crea­ti­on, we dive deeper and deeper into a rapidly chan­ging country.


DE/CH 2021, 110 Min., amha­rische OmU
Regie: Heidi Specogna

Kamera: Johann Feindt
Schnitt: Kaya Inan

STAND UP MY BEAUTY – Offizieller Trailer (OV/d)
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