A film by Sté­pha­nie Chuat & Véro­ni­que Rey­mond. In Ger­man, French and Eng­lish with Ger­man subtitles.

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Lisa has given up her ambi­ti­ons as a play­w­right in Ber­lin and moved to Switz­er­land with her child­ren and hus­band, who runs an inter­na­tio­nal school the­re. When her twin bro­ther Sven, a star actor at Berlin’s Schau­büh­ne theat­re, falls ill with leu­ka­emia, Lisa returns to the Ger­man capi­tal. His hopes of get­ting back on the sta­ge give Sven the strength he needs to fight the dise­a­se. But when his con­di­ti­on dete­rio­ra­tes and his mother, also an actor, pro­ves unre­li­able, Lisa takes the reins and whisks her bro­ther back to Switz­er­land. She hopes that new tre­at­ments, fami­ly life and moun­tain air will work a mira­cle. Bro­ther and sis­ter, Ber­lin and Switz­er­land, life and theat­re, sick­ness and health. With its out­stan­ding lea­ding cast, Schwes­ter­lein inter­wea­ves the­se com­ple­men­ta­ry bina­ries into a matu­re, moving and com­plex dra­ma. This film explo­res the mea­ning of healing and sacri­fice, the inte­gri­ty of an adult sib­ling rela­ti­ons­hip – a topic that has rare­ly been addres­sed as it is here – and artis­tic work as a core aspi­ra­ti­on in life. A fai­ry tale, with two adults as Han­sel and Gre­tel, the theat­re as the gin­ger­b­read house and the ill­ness as the evil witch.


CH 2020, 99 Min., dt.,frz,engl. OmU
Regie, Buch: Sté­pha­nie Chuat, Véro­ni­que Reymond
Kame­ra: Filip Zumbrunn
Schnitt: Myri­am Rachmuth
mit: Nina Hoss, Lars Eidin­ger, Mar­t­he Kel­ler, Jens Albi­nus, Tho­mas Oster­mei­er, Lin­ne-Lu Lun­gers­hau­sen, Noah Tschar­land, Isa­bel­le Cail­lat, Moritz Gott­wald, Urs Jucker