Sag‘ du es mir

A film by Micha­el Fet­ter Nathan­sky. In Ger­man with Eng­lish subtitles.

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Direc­tor Micha­el Fet­ter Nathan­sky and actress Gisa Fla­ke return to Braun­schweig with their first fea­ture film. After 20 years Moni returns home to her sis­ter Sil­ke who has been atta­cked by a stran­ger. Moni is wil­ling to do anything pos­si­ble to find the atta­cker and to pro­tect her sis­ter. But is that real­ly what Sil­ke wants? And if so, who is actual­ly the one being pro­tec­ted? And abo­ve all, pro­tect from whom? And which role does the offen­der René play, who does­n’t even under­stand why he did it. Due to an unex­pli­ca­ble act the desti­nies of three peop­le col­lap­se and dis­sol­ve into a dra­ma­tur­gi­cal dance about vic­tims, offen­ders and the truth that lays bet­ween the lies.


DE 2019, 104 Min., 
Regie & Buch: Micha­el Fet­ter Nathansky 
Kame­ra: Lean­der Ott 
Schnitt: Cami­la Mercadal
mit: Chris­ti­na Gro­ße, Marc Ben Puch, Gisa Fla­ke K Lean­der Ott