Mir ist es egal, wenn wir als Barbaren in die Geschichte eingehen

A film by Radu Jude. In Roma­ni­an with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Roma­nia took an acti­ve part in the Holo­caust – today the coun­try is in com­ple­te deni­al. An absurd mora­li­ty tale about selec­ti­ve memo­ry in today’s Euro­pe. Under Gene­ral Anto­nes­cu, the mas­si­ve anti-Semi­tism pre­sent in Roma­ni­an socie­ty was made offi­cial government poli­cy, yet his role and that of his government in World War II are glo­ri­fied to this day. A young direc­tor wants to clear up the­se natio­nal myths and to this end plans a theat­re pro­duc­tion. What with unwil­ling extras, patro­ni­zing patrons and the cha­os in the director’s own life, the per­for­mance desi­gned as a wake-up call muta­tes step by step to a far­ce.



RO, BG, DE, FR 2018, 140 Min.,
Regie, Buch: Radu Jude
Kame­ra: Mari­us Pan­d­uru
Schnitt: Cătă­lin Cris­tuţiu
mit: Ioana Iacob, Alex­an­dru Dabi­ja, Alex Bog­dan


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