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Mali Blues

A film by Lutz Gre­gor.

The West Afri­can coun­try of Mali is con­si­de­red the birth­place of the blues and jazz, brought later by abduc­ted slaves to America’s cot­ton fiel­ds. For cen­tu­ries music has streng­t­he­ned Mali’s cul­tu­ral iden­ti­ty, musi­ci­ans are hol­ding strong posi­ti­ons in socie­ty. Fol­lowing Fato­u­ma­ta Dia­wa­ra, shoo­ting star of the glo­bal pop sce­ne, MALI BLUES is a musi­cal jour­ney, dis­co­vering the country’s rich musi­cal cul­tu­re and it’s thre­at by radi­cal Isla­mists. On our way we meet other com­mit­ted musi­ci­ans, who are figh­t­ing for unity and the free­dom to express them­sel­ves through their music, like world famous Ngo­ni play­er and tra­di­tio­nal Gri­ot Bas­se­kou Kou­ya­té, street rap­per Mas­ter Sou­my and Tua­reg band lea­der Ahmed Ag Kaedi.

Deutschland/Mali 2016, 90 Min., bam­ba­ra, ara­bisch, frz. OmU
Regie: Lutz Gre­gor
Kame­ra: Axel Schneppat
Schnitt: Mar­kus Schmidt, Michel­le Bar­bin