Leaning into the Wind – Andy Goldsworthy

A film byThomas Riedelsheimer.  In eng­lish with ger­man subtitles.

Andy Goldsworthy is best known for his eph­emeral work with natu­re. Sixteen years ago Thomas Riedelsheimer met Andy for the first time. He agreed to be fol­lo­wed around and film­ed by Thomas. Rivers and Tides a fea­ture-length docu­men­ta­ry was released in 2001 and beca­me a very suc­cessful film. LEANING INTO THE WIND fol­lows artist Andy Goldsworthy on his explo­ra­ti­on of the world and hims­elf through eph­emeral and per­ma­nent workings on the land­scape, cities and with his own body. .  (Kasseler Dokfest)

Deutschland, UK 2016, engl. OmU, 97 MIn.
Regie, Kamera & Schnitt: Thomas Riedelsheimer
Darsteller: Andy Goldsworthy, Tina Fiske, Holly Goldsworthy
Musik: Fred Frith

Leaning into the Wind – Andy Goldsworthy (Offizieller Trailer)