Le prince

a film by Lisa Bierwirth. In German, French, English and Lingala with German subtitles.

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In the midst of the noto­rious Frankfurter Bahnhofsviertel, two peo­p­le encoun­ter who could not be more dif­fe­rent: Monika, mid-40s, works as a cura­tor and is the­r­e­fo­re part of the city’s art- and cul­tu­re sce­ne. As she unex­pec­ted­ly gets into a poli­ce raid, she encoun­ters Joseph, a Congolese busi­ness­man loo­king for inves­tors for a dia­mond mine in Congo and who keeps afloat by doing some Import/Export-deals every now and then. Eventually, their brief encoun­ter results in an inten­se love sto­ry. But while both of them belie­ve their rela­ti­onship to be strong enough to stand against the influence of pre­ju­di­ces, mis­trust slow­ly ari­ses bet­ween the two of them, until their rela­ti­onship beco­mes a batt­le­ground of post­co­lo­ni­al con­flicts. Eventually, they will have to ask them­sel­ves if it’s actual­ly pos­si­ble, to love at eye level? 

Inspired by the true sto­ry of her mother, Lisa Bierwirth ques­ti­ons how post­co­lo­ni­al struc­tures and power rela­ti­ons can take influence in an European-African rela­ti­onship. The sto­ry of her fea­ture debut obser­ves not only the pit­falls, but also the cou­ra­ge it takes to live a love life drawn bet­ween social con­ven­ti­ons and exhi­bits Frankfurt am Main – some­whe­re bet­ween a world metro­po­lis and a place of shady busi­ness deals – as the film’s ambi­guous third protagonist.


DE 2021, 125 Min. OmU
Regie: Lisa Bierwirth
Drehbuch: Lisa Bierwirth, Hannes Held
Kamera: Jenny Lou Ziegel
Schnitt: Bettina Böhler
mit: Ursula Strauss, Passi Balende, Alex Brendemühl, Victoria Trauttmansdorff

LE PRINCE (Offizieller Trailer) | AB 30.09. IM KINO
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