20th Century Women

A film by Mike Mills. In eng­lish with ger­man sub­tit­les.

Mike Mills 20TH CENTURY WOMEN is a warm-hear­ted trip to late 70s sun­ny Cali­for­nia. The film has a whiff of wist­ful­ness , perhaps becau­se Mills made the film as a homage to the beloved, uncon­ven­tio­nal women in his life, or may­be becau­se the 70s was a time when peop­le real­ly attemp­ted to crea­te indi­vi­du­al life plans. The lumin­ous cen­ter of the film is Annet­te Bening, who plays sin­gle mom Doro­thea Fiel­ds with a lot of charm and ver­ve. Gro­wing up in the 30s, Doro­thea had her son late, when she was over 40, and she cares for him in a libe­ral way. In flash­backs we see the crea­ti­ve excu­se let­ters that she wri­tes for her son Jamie for school. She lives with Jamie, play­ed by Lucas Jade Zumann as a very lova­ble and someo­ne intro­ver­ted teen­ager, and her ten­ant Abbie, a depres­sed punk pho­to­gra­pher play­ed by Gre­ta Ger­wig, in a shab­by gem of a house. Other qua­si room­ma­tes are car­pen­ter Wil­liam (Bil­ly Cru­dup), a sexy hip­pie who hel­ps with the reno­vat­ing, and neigh­bor girl Julie (Elle Fan­ning), Jamie’s best friend – a sta­tus that’s hard for Jamie to swal­low.

In the begin­ning of the film Doro­thea deci­des that Jamie needs other attach­ment figu­res along with her so he can suc­cess­ful­ly go through puber­ty and asks Abbie for help. She takes the boy to con­certs and gives him femi­nist books. 20TH CENTURY WOMEN shows the collec­ti­ve attempt to mas­ter Jamie’s puber­ty in a time of poli­ti­cal uphea­val in a fun­ny, nost­al­gic, and lova­ble way. Mills has a good a grasp on the various genera­ti­ons as well as on the slight­ly over­whel­med 20th cen­tu­ry boy in the midd­le.   (Hen­dri­ke Bake)

20th Cen­tu­ry Women
USA 2016, 118 Min.
Regie: Mike Mills
Dreh­buch: Mike Mills
Kame­ra: Sean Por­ter
Musik: Roger Neill
Dar­stel­ler: Bil­ly Cru­dup, Annet­te Bening, Elle Fan­ning, Gre­ta Ger­wig

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