Innen Leben

A film by Phil­ip­pe Van Lee­uw. In ara­bic with ger­man sub­tit­les.

Ener­ge­tic Oum Yazan is try­ing desper­ate­ly to keep tog­e­ther her fami­ly life whilst out­side a war is raging. The fami­ly sits tog­e­ther around a lar­ge table at mid­day, ever­yo­ne try­ing to make them­sel­ves heard abo­ve the can­no­na­de of bombs and machi­ne gun fire. The­re is hard­ly any water and every trip out­side the door spells dan­ger on account of the sni­pers on the roof­tops abo­ve. While Grand­f­a­ther plays with his litt­le grand­child, the oldest daugh­ter flirts with her boy­friend in her room. Next door a young cou­p­le with a baby are plan­ning their escape. Up abo­ve, threa­tening noi­ses can be heard. Who’s that kno­cking at the door? Could it be Oum Yazan’s hus­band who­se return she has been anxious­ly awai­t­ing, or are the­re stran­ge men out­side, loo­king for valu­ables? Just a few shots are necessa­ry to draw the view­er into the per­ma­nent sta­te of emer­gen­cy that is war. The apart­ment that was once a fami­li­ar home has now beco­me a pri­son. Phil­ip­pe Van Leeuw’s huis clos descri­bes peop­le in an extre­me situa­ti­on that gives rise to extre­me beha­viour. Every decisi­on could be a mat­ter of life or death: is it moral­ly accep­ta­ble to sacri­fice one mem­ber of the fami­ly to gua­ran­tee the sur­vi­val of the others?

Bel­gi­en, 2017, 85 Min., arab. OmU

Regie & Buch: Phil­ip­pe Van Lee­uw
Kame­ra: Vir­gi­nie Sur­dej
Schnitt: Gla­dys Jou­jou
Mit Hiam Abbass, Dia­mand Bou Abboud, Juli­et­te Navis