In den Gängen

A Film by Tho­mas Stu­ber. In ger­man.

Chris­ti­an is new to the super­sto­re. He mute­ly plun­ges into this unknown uni­ver­se: the end­less ais­les, the eter­nal order of the wareh­ouses, the sur­re­al mecha­ni­cisms of the for­klift trucks. His col­league Bru­no from the drinks depart­ment takes him under his wing, sho­wing him all the tricks of the tra­de and soon beco­mes a father­ly fri­end. Mari­on from the con­fec­tion­a­ry depart­ment likes to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with Chris­ti­an. When he falls in love with her, the ent­i­re wareh­ouse is roo­ting for him. But Mari­on is mar­ried, albeit unhap­pi­ly by all accounts. All of a sud­den she goes on sick lea­ve. Chris­ti­an falls into a deep hole, so deep in fact, that his mise­ra­ble old life threa­tens to engulf him once more.
In his film In den Gän­gen Tho­mas Stu­ber opens a win­dow on the world of an ordi­na­ry worker in the east Ger­man pro­vin­ces. A cho­reo­gra­phy of peop­le and things, rea­li­ty, desi­res and dreams unfolds in pre­cise­ly framed images. The ever­y­day is trans­for­med into a magi­cal rea­lism which trans­cends this ten­der love sto­ry to point ten­ta­tively towards the con­cept of hope.

Ber­li­na­le 2018 Com­pe­ti­ti­on

Deutsch­land 2018, 125 Min.

Regie: Tho­mas Stu­ber
Buch: Cle­mens Mey­er, Tho­mas Stu­ber
Kame­ra: Peter Mat­jas­ko
Schnitt: Kaya Inan
Franz Rogow­ski (Chris­ti­an), San­dra Hül­ler (Mari­on), Peter Kurth (Bru­no), Andre­as Leu­pold (Rudi), Micha­el Specht (Palet­ten-Klaus), Ramo­na Kun­ze-Lib­now (Iri­na), Hen­ning Peker (Wolf­gang), Stef­fen Scheu­mann (Nor­bert), Mat­thi­as Bren­ner (Jür­gen), Ger­dy Zint (Tino)



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